Chimera ant arc review

Philosophers, like Thomas Hobbes or Joseph Butler, have discussed this topic since the dawn of enlightened thought. Altruism and egoism are two theories that have developed into an antagonistic relationship.

One claiming man is good, while the other shakes its head in fervent disapproval. It is not often that a work of fiction, so adequately and intelligently, analyzes the complexities of human nature, as the Chimera Ant arc of the anime series Hunter x Hunter The odd, insect body part leads them to the isolationist nation of NGL, where the citizens are under attack from creatures known as chimera ants. The ant queen is capable of digesting other species and passing these traits along to her offspring, and after eating two human children her drones can satisfy her hunger with nothing but.

The murderous creatures begin as humanoid insects, but quickly evolve the traits of different animals. With the ants resembling lions, bulls, and even mixtures of whole assortments of beasts.

While the writer wants to set a dark and bleak tone to start of this arc, it is hard to take seriously when ants emerge from their pods fully clothed and with very cartoonish designs. Silly, short octopus monsters are not terrifying. You can make them raid human villages all you want. It will not change anything. For about twenty episodes the arc mainly consists of the characters struggling to fight back against the ever growing ants, as they grow feeding on more humans.

The only part of the arc that manages to stand out this early on is the interactions between the main chimera ants. Traditionally a species with a hive mind with no sense of individuality, the ants began to experience a paradigm shift as their new human features take hold.

Giving us the first glimpse of the complexities the arc wishes to convey in its theme. As we are shown both the benefits and downsides to the individuality we as humans exhibit. After retreating from NGL, the heroes begin their training and not much of interest occurs. Finding myself bored out of my mind over the course of another 20 episodes.

Apart from the occasional chuckle at the expense of a goofy looking ant or its equally as laughable powers. While it is evident that deeper themes are being developed, the writer never stops to take his own story as seriously as he should.

Where this arc truly begins to shine is around the tp 15 episode mark. Following the birth of the ant king, named Meruem, the ant queen dies, and the soldier ants go into disarray.

Meruem takes his three royal guards and takes over the neighbouring nation of East Gorteau.

chimera ant arc review

Forcing the Hunter association an organization made up of individuals with extraordinary abilities, who are exempt from most laws and limitations to send in a team to deal with the ever growing threat the ants pose to humanity. While Gon, Killua, and the other hunters prepare to exterminate Meruem, the ant king spends his time studying a variety of human games.

Mastering chess, checkers, and shogi in mere days, he begins to play the fictional game gungi against a small, blind girl. As the tyrannical king slowly begins to struggle with his two halves; is he an ant or a human? Only picking up in pacing even further down the line. The chairman of the hunters, Isaac Netero, is the one who is placed with the task of defeating him. What ensues is a clash of ideologies as the nature of humanity and the ants does battle both within the king himself, and between the two combatants.

The two sides of the same coin that is human nature, do battle until it looks as if Meruem has Netero outmatched.

Chimera Ant Arc Sucks ?

Meruem laughs over the superiority of the ants, as all of their evolution has culminated in him, a sole individual. Netero then activates a nuclear device, known as a miniature rose, buried inside his chest.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc has made me fa Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Chimera Ant Arc has made me fall asleep four times. On 4 separate days I decided to try watch HxH, but needed up watching 1 or 2 episodes each days since I fell asleep each time I tried to watch it.

Does the arc get better or do I need an immense amount of caffeine. Also because of this I end up not watching HxH for a long time which prolongs the struggle to finish the anime. The peak of the arc starts at episodebut if you're "struggling" to watch, I would say you probably won't enjoy it Good luck, it's definitely a wonderful arc later on if you can keep watching. Yeah, it's not the greatest arc in the series.

The last episodes were the only part of it that I actually enjoyed. It is boring I agree, there is one and two good moment but yes its overall a snore fest but yet it is one of the most praise arc in hxh and shounen for some reason. The ending of that arc is also anti climatic but I will give it points for the innovative way how it ended. Give it a shot. Try going in with an open mind. Episode 85 should peak your interest a bit. There is alot that happens in this arc if you are willing to be patient.

It's the best arc in the anime IMO. Yes it's painfully slow, boring and just laughably bad overall. This arc also ends in a terrible way which doesn't justify going through all this. Worst shounen arc ever created. The Chimera Ant Arc is the best part of the anime and is probably the best shounen arc of all time so I think you just have shit taste. You're still at the boring part. Technically you are at the Chimera Ant arc but it's still the build-up, you gotta hustle through that part and wait till the action starts.

NoktoH said: The Chimera Ant Arc is the best part of the anime and is probably the best shounen arc of all time so I think you just have shit taste. The Chimera ant arc is horribly slow paced but that's the point since everything has lead to this one moment, Togashi has poured his heart and soul into every last detail.

Honestly calling HxH shounen does not do it justice since its borderline seinen in the Chimera ant arc. Since most shounen fights are basically a ridiculous amount of screaming, high intensity scenes and flashy osts the narrative of HxH does not appeal to everyone.Feb 3, PM by Sakana-san Discuss 2 comments.

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Ranked: 4 2 2 based on the top anime page. Hunter x Hunter Ranked 4 Popularity 17 Members 1, Fall TV Madhouse.

The Hunter X Hunter Power System is the Best in Shounen Anime

PV Leorio version. More videos. More characters. More staff. Edit Opening Theme 1: "departure! Oct 2, Overall Rating : Sep 23, Jun 7, Sep 28, More discussions.

Is Killua Gay? More featured articles. Which year was the best? What studio had the most hits? We have the answers to all these questions and more! Why Main Characters Sometimes Have to Lose Despite the potential satisfaction of seeing the main character succeed, sometimes a loss is far more beneficial than a win. More recommendations. View All. Google Facebook Twitter.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Hunter x Hunter Chimera Ant Arc Sucks? Anime Series Discussion.

Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Why should i watch it? Let me start, by saying HXH is amazing, i loved and enjoy every single second of the anime until the end of Yorknew City arc. For me it started going downhill at that moment, however it was still enjoyable and fun.

Only to find out that we come a cross a damn giantic chimera ant? To say the least let me just add that i was enjoying so much the overall areas of the anime like the fighting style and the main story, until these weird creatures came into it.


Can someone please explain me why this is happening. Once again if someone could please let me know why should i watch it, cause I just dropped it and i want to know if its any good or if you agree with me. I really need someone to tell me the good of this arc and how it is exciting to watch it. The theme of the arc is about being human vs being a monster. This concept was explored to a huge extent developing the characters physic to an outstanding degree, the likes of which you have never seen in previous arcs.

The ants are introduced as inhuman monsters but certain things change and you question the morality and the intentions of many of these ant characters. I don't want to spoil it. But the culmination of these humanistic natures and what it defines as a human or a monster is absolutely one of the most brilliant elements to the arc and the show as a whole.

This arc does play a huge significant role in the overarching storyline as well. In any case its a arc not to be missed, also the arc that follows it really dives deeper into more world development and introducing more elements of the series that are quite interesting, with some of the most startling revelations in the whole show.Meruem was born fully grown and fully aware of his role as king.

He was far more powerful than any of the other Chimera Ants, and was perfectly willing to use that power to get anything he wanted.

He had no regard for anyone else, not even his own mother. All that mattered to him was using his power to rule. In spite of all that, the king was still a child on the inside.

He had just been born, so all he truly knew about himself was his role as king and his own immediate desires. His identity was the all-powerful king of the Chimera Ants, and that was all he needed at first. One by one he called in the masters of each game, and one by one he defeated them. Doing so only further enforced his belief that he was a perfect being, since none of them could even challenge him.

Then something strange happened: he lost. She appeared to be such a lowly creature, and yet Meruem could never beat her.

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They played for days, with Meruem constantly improving, but still unable to beat Komugi even once. This baffled him. Komugi had devoted her entire life to mastering one game, making her the one opponent who could defeat him.

chimera ant arc review

It was through these matches that Meruem first began to respect someone else. He had gone through his entire life, short as it was, being far more powerful than everyone around him and had never encountered a true challenge until his matches with Komugi.

Komugi not only defeated him, she showed no fear towards him and was even willing to die if she lost. Even though he continued to lose, he ended up enjoying his matches against Komugi.

Meruem had never desired this before because it had never occurred to him that he was anything less than perfect.

This feeling was completely alien to the ant side of him, but Meruem, as well as many of the other Chimera Ants, was also part human. He knew he was the all-powerful king, and that was enough for him. He was defined entirely by his role and had no identity or humanity of his own. He started to care for Komugi, and began to question himself. Even when he had lost an arm and a leg, Netero still refused to surrender and kept attacking, even choosing to die in an attempt to kill Meruem.The Chimera Ant arc is arguably the best arc in the entire Hunter x Hunter series.

As the arc progresses, some of the most threatening characters make their appearance and the story gets more intense than ever. Being the most important arc of the series to date, the Chimera Ant arc is filled to the brim with some incredibly strong characters.

Review: Hunter x Hunter - Chimera Ant Arc

Here are the 5 strongest characters in the arc and 5 others who were just average. Meruem was the Chimera Ant King and the strongest character in the entire arc. His strength was such that nobody could inflict any form of serious damage to him, let alone beat him.

Meruem was born with incredible power which only kept growing, thanks to his aura synthesis power. Knov is a seasoned Hunter who made his appearance along with Netero and Morel in the Chimera Ant arc. His Nen ability was quite useful throughout the arc but he chose to stay out of action for the most part because of how much he feared Meruem.

Knov ended up being a disappointment but even if he had fought against the monstrous strength of the Royal Guards, there isn't much he could've done since he was no match for any of them. Isaac Netero was the strongest known Hunter in the story and the 12th Chairman of the Hunter Association.

In his prime, he was said to have been incredibly powerful. While we didn't get to see what Netero was like in his prime, we did see him display all the power that he could against Meruem. Netero succeeded in earning the praise of Meruem and he was the only person to ever induce fear in the mind of the King, which just goes to show what a strong fighter he truly was. Killua played an active role in the Chimera Ant arc right until the end, however, his role wasn't as significant as that of Gon.

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While Killua evolved his Transmutation Nen powers to a new level during the arc, he was still no match for the Royal Guards. He did, however, succeeded in giving Youpi a hard time monetarily. When compared to all the other powerful characters who were in the arc, Killua was average at best. Gon and Killua are more or less equally powerful at all times, however, after hearing about Kite's death, Gon exchanged his Nen for mind-blowing power to kill Neferpitou.

Without showing any mercy, Gon pummeled them. According to the story, Gon became a threat even to the King at this point, which just shows how strong he truly had become.

This power only lasted for a while, however, and left him in a near-death state. Kalluto Zoldyck played little role in the Chimera Ant arc and was seen fighting against some underlings of Zazan in Meteor City.

Although Kalluto did succeed in defeating them, he was the first one to acknowledge his own weakness. There's no doubt that he's got a lot of potential, but his average showing in the arc was a clear indication of how much he needed to train to get better.

Neferpitou was one of the members of the Royal Guard of King Meruem. Being born with incredible Nen abilities and physical prowess, Neferpitou was nearly unbeatable in combat.

According to Colt, even Netero couldn't compare to the Royal Guard back when he was rusty in terms of strength. Neferpitou defeated Kite without any trouble whatsoever and even managed to chop of Gon's arm in a state where he was compared to the King himself.The Chimera Ant arc is the sixth officially fifth story arc of the series, officially called " Chimera Ants Arc " by Viz.

It was not animated in the first anime adaptation from due to the manga's irregular publishing schedule. In the anime, the arc begins with Episode 76 and ends at Episode He tells him he has been on Greed Island on Ging's request, and that Gon's use of "Accompany" instead of " Magnetic Force " caused him to meet Kite and not Ging, who wanted to make sure Gon and him would be alone if they were to meet.

chimera ant arc review

They enjoy eating dinner while Kite tells stories of his life with Ging. Kite also tells Gon that he was finally able to find Ging. The group surveys a shore to find the Ant queen, but to no avail. Killua asserts that the Ant must be over 2m long, enough to easily eat a human. Meanwhile, on the Yorbian Continent in the south of the Balsa Islands an injured Chimera Ant Queen was left ashore [2] and was trying to heal so that she could give birth to the King.

She orders the soldier Ants to bring food. The crab-like soldier Ant hunts two childrenand the Queen eats them. Finding the human species to be highly delicious and nutritious, she orders her soldiers to hunt more of them, [6] as well as giving birth to the first humanoid Ant, Colt. After hunting more humans, the Chimera Ants move to a rock formation more inland, and Chimera Ant populations grow faster than ever.

This infestation catches the attention of Pokklea Hunter of Fantastic Beasts. However, before they can do that, they are ambushed by Zazan 's squad.

Zazan takes Pokkle alive, but Ponzu manages to escape, only to be killed by one of Zazan's officers. Before this happened, she managed to use her bees to send a message to the nearest Hunter, which happened to be Kite, about the Chimera Ant infestation. Kite, reading Ponzu's message, realizes that the Ant infestation was more severe than expected, ordering Podungo and Stick to return and notify the Hunter Association. He allows Gon and Killua to accompany him, though.

Kite orders Gon and Killua to fight him; to ensure that they were strong enough to handle other Ants. They use Nenbut the Ant still overwhelms them. After many clashes, Gon and Killua use their Nen abilities to defeat Rammot. Since Rammot was severely damaged, Colt comes—having watched from the shadows—to retrieve him.

Kite, realizing the evil intent, tells Gon and Killua to kill them. Gon [16] and Killua easily defeat their opponents. Frog is angered over the easy deaths of his comrades, but Kite uses Silent Waltz to kill all the Ants.

Meanwhile, in the nest, Rammot recovers from his injuries and learns to harness Nen.

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Pokkle, having survived, hides in the heap of skulls. However, the newly-born Royal GuardNeferpitouappears and detects Pokkle.

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